St. Patty’s Day Safety Tips

Today marks St. Patrick’s Day, a time when everyone wants to go celebrate the luck of the Irish. That usually entails people going out and having a drink or two. Before you do, especially if you are a renter, there are a few safety tips to consider, both while you are out and while you are at home. Here’s what we suggest to keep you and your home safe on this carefree, festive holiday:

1. Protect Your Home From Potentially Rowdy People

Simply put, people on St. Patty’s Day, love to go out and have a few beers. And if you live in an apartment complex or a townhome development, be prepared for some additional foot traffic. A wireless home security system for renters will help keep your home safe—regardless if you are out yourself or are calling it a night in. Compared to a house, apartments and town homes have a higher potential for crimes to take place, so for renters, it’s crucial to protect your home to minimize these risks.

2. Monitor How Many Drinks You Consume

It’s easy to get all caught up in the excitement of St. Patty’s Day. The luck of the Irish brings out the Irish in many—even if you don’t have a drop of Irish actually in you. It’s fun times, especially if you are out with a few buddies at a local pub or bar. When you do go out today, be aware of how many drinks you are consuming. One or two certainly won’t hurt, but according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), binge drinking is technically when women consume 4 drinks or more and when men drink 5 drinks or more (in a 2 hour time span). The NIAAA also states that binge drinking will bring blood alcohol levels to 0.08 g/dL or higher.

In all 50 states, a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is the legal limit for driving. Anything above that amount will result in a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction. A DUI conviction has several major consequences: 1) paying high legal fees for a lawyer 2) possible drivers license suspension 3) possible jail time for repeat offenders. Regardless, a DUI will go on a person’s record and may seriously impact future job prospects.

3. Know How You’ll Get Home

If you do plan on drinking, make sure you plan accordingly ahead of time. Don’t drink and drive. You’ll want to stay off the roads, and for renters in particular, to get home, you’d have to navigate your way throughout the apartment complex (which consists of parked cars and potentially a few pedestrians). It’s not worth the risk of getting behind the wheel— even if you aren’t pulled over.

There are several transportation options you can decide to do: call a taxi or get an Uber. You can call one of the taxicab companies from the bar. In fact, the bartender will likely have these numbers on file and will certainly be able to help out. However, nowadays it’s easier and more affordable to get an Uber through the easy to use Uber app. And when you use Uber for the first time, the first ride will be free. And anytime a friend is referred to Uber, another credit will be issued.

This St. Patty’s Day have fun while being responsible. Protect your home and go out while exercising caution. May the luck of the Irish find you!


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