Other resources to find rentals other than Craigslist

For those who are trying to find a new place, rely Craigslist tends to be the universal standard that apartment seekers are at the mercy of. Of course, speak to anyone who has had experience trying to find a spot on the website, and they’ll tell you about bizarre, spammy responses that get them nowhere fast.

As frustrating as Craigslist can be, it is often effective for people seeking a new place to live, but it is far from the only tool out there. If you find yourself getting frustrated at less-than-descriptive Craigslist emails or vague postings, check out some of these other options to help you find your next home or apartment.


Roomster, in this writer’s experience, has been quite reliable. People will list their home or apartment, and you’ll also get a chance to learn a bit about the person in their own profile. You can look at a map of where apartments are available for rent, and you can also just look for rooms if that is all you need.

The only drawback to Roomster their tendency to be pushy about going with a paid subscription for the service. You’ll often get emails saying that a user has sent you a message about a room that’s available, only to find out that it’s a call to get you sign up. Other than this, you’ll find plenty of leads on new places.


Trulia has been around for quite sometime,  as it has proven itself to be quite the useful resource. Put your city in, and you’ll get an interactive map of various apartments and homes up for ownership or rent. You can also get a lot of valuable data about schools in the surrounding area, average income, as well as crime.

Trulia also has a tool that allows you to find an agent in the event you’re hoping to purchase a home. After all, Trulia is mostly known for providing information on real estate valuations (similar to Zillow), but it’s a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked for renters.


Lovely pools together listings from all over the Net onto one map, and also provides notifications on availability to users. When an account is set up, users can also interact with other users in an effort to lock down a listing.

One unique aspect of live is the ability for people to send rent directly to their landlord through the site. This is a newer feature that was just introduced last year.

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