The case for renting out a house over an apartment complex

No matter what city you live in, apartment complexes appear to be sprouting up seemingly out of nowhere week by week. They tower over big and small cities alike, creating cookie cutter living spaces for what are often young professionals. Chances are these complexes are owned by sizable property management companies that place uniform lease agreements for all tenants, allowing little to no wiggle room for term adjustment.

apartment complex

One of these is probably within a five mile radius from your current apartment

While management-owned apartment complexes do come with many conveniences, it’s important to not forget about the allure of renting a stand-alone home from a single manager/landlord.

You’ll have a better chance of adjusting your lease agreement

While it wouldn’t be true to say that every private landlord is willing to remain flexible about the terms of your lease, you stand a better chance of getting more of what you want versus dealing with a management company. Landlords who own a house to rent out to others make their own decisions about what the lease will be, while dealing with a management company means going through more of a bureaucratic process.

Not everyone wants to have a 12-month lease agreement, and there’s a better chance that you can create your terms with a personal exchange between yourself and your landlord.

You’ll have a more personalized experience

While you can make your apartment look just about any way that you wish, there’s something to be said about living in either a house or other space that eschews the complex setup. You might find a gorgeous looking house in a residential neighborhood that you’ve always dreamed of living in while still being able to rent like your friends.

On top of this, living in a separate house allows you to steer clear away from what can sometimes feel like close living quarters in a complex – even if you are living in a large space.

You can build a personal (yet still professional) relationship with your landlord

This might sound a little weird, but landlords take care of who they see as good tenants. As long as you pay your rent on time and take care of your rental, landlords will take note. This opens up the opportunity to an easy going professional relationship, and may even lead to perks.

While the scenario might be rare, it isn’t unheard of for landlords to offer a discount rent for long-time residents while new tenants cover the rest of the rent.

Good tenants also tend to get priority when a problem has arisen with the unit in which they are living in. Take care of the property in which you live, be respectful, and you’ll find a more positive living situation.

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