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Condo Wireless Security Systems


Learn more about wireless security systems for condos.

Do condos require a special type of security system?

Whether you rent or own, condos require a security system that can keep the wiring of the security system within the condo without invading what is known as the “common area” governed by a condo association.

This is why most condo dwellers choose a wireless security system: it never disturbs the exterior of the condo, and it doesn’t have to be pre-approved by the condo association to be installed.

How is the wireless condo security system installed?

An expert technician will schedule an appointment to come to your condo and install the wireless system and explain how everything works.

What happens if a burglar tries to break into my condo and sets off the alarm?

The criminal will be automatically alerted that his actions are being observed, not only by every neighbor that will hear the high-decibel alarm sounding, but by ADT’s security monitoring professionals who will have your condo under their protection 24/7/365, and will alert the local authorities immediately.

If I set off my alarm system by accident, will the police come right away and charge me for a false call?

All security systems come with a keychain remote, which will not only help you deactivate your system should you accidentally set it off, it can also help save your life should you be home during a break-in.

Are there any other benefits to a portable security system?

Besides offering advanced protection against the ever increasing possibility of burglary and home invasions, a wireless security system also has the ability to detect fire and carbon monoxide within your condo, and not only alert you to the danger but also alert the fire department.

What happens to my security system if I move out of my condo?

Because the security system is wireless, you can take the entire system and your ADT monitoring plan with you when you move!

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