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You can get ADT monitoring, America's #1 security provider, for a low monthly price and no equipment fees!

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The HomeDEFENDER portable security system allows you to take the equipment with you when you move, no matter where you go!

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ADT's monitoring centers across the country are on call 24/7, helping to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Though we would like to believe otherwise, no one is immune to break-ins and theft—it happens to renters and homeowners alike. In the US, a burglary occurs once every 15.4 seconds, during which victims suffer an approximate dollar loss of nearly $1,800.1

This kind of theft only takes minutes and usually requires little forethought or planning. Burglars’ selection process is simple: Which homes aren’t protected? Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be the target of a break-in.1

HomeDEFENDER provides a simple solution

We provide a FREE portable home security system with the purchase of monthly ADT monitoring to renters of houses, townhouses, apartments, condos, and more.

You get the best in home security monitoring from an industry leader, plus the flexibility of a portable system. From the control panel to motion sensors and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, everything can be installed on your own, on your own time. Best of all? Shipping and handling is FREE.

Home security to fit your needs

Once up and running, you’ve got an advanced home security system that fits your needs, is light on your budget, and can adapt as you do. Add equipment as you see fit, or pack it up and take it with you when you move.

Whether you live alone, with family, or friends, your safety is an ongoing concern, and HomeDEFENDER is right by your side. Our home security systems help provide safety and peace of mind no matter where you may be, now or in the future.

What’s your home security situation? We encourage you to browse our site for additional information about our home security system packages, or call us today to talk.

1FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 2011

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