Convincing your landlord to install home security


Renting out your home comes with plenty of advantages, namely flexibility and convenience of having repairs and other issues taken care of for you. One of the issues that tenants may run into is the inability to install new devices or features in the home without the permission of the landlord or management company.

If you have rented, there’s a good chance you may have run into this situation. Although each landlord’s terms might differ from another, it’s not very common for a landlord to allow their tenants to alter or install anything they want without consent.

Some items such as a sound system or lighting fixtures could be seen as a novelty purchase that provides additional aesthetics to your apartment, but other items such as a home security system is more than just a luxurious item – it’s a necessity in this day and age.

Your landlord is responsible for protecting his or her property and all tenants, and if they were serious about protecting the well-being of all parties involved, then they would invest in a home security system. When the time for discussion comes up, think about making some of the following points for 24/7 protection from an ADT rental security system.

1. Show that it’s in their best interest.

If a landlord knows anything about property management, then they know that a home security system is the most effective means of preventing stolen property. In the event that burglar occurs, the landlord is responsible for damages that happen to their own property, but as the tenant, you’ll be responsible for replacing what is yours. This is why renter’s insurance is a good idea for all tenants.

The property that you live in is the landlord’s, and at the end of the day, they should take the measures that prevent any damages from happening to their home.

2. Inform them that portable monitored security systems do exist.

If a landlord is reluctant to take action with a security system due to their fear of how much equipment or alterations are required, let them know that portable security systems such as those made available by Ralarm are available and non-intrusive.

These systems, like many other available from ADT, are wireless and would do very little to alter the property. Renter’s security systems can move where the tenant moves.

3. Incentivize with a lease extension

If you’re a good tenant, then your landlord will want to hold on to you.

As someone who is aware about the importance of home security, you can work up a deal with your landlord that states if he or she is willing to allow the installation of a home security system, then you’ll be happy to extend your lease.

This will show, for one, that you value the property in which you live, which is really want a landlord wants to know the most. The landlord will also know that he or she doesn’t need to put in the time and resources to find new tenants in the event you decide to move out.

In short, if you can state the case that having a home security system isn’t just a mere luxury, but a necessity for the safety of everyone, then any decent landlord will take the time to listen.

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