Home Safety Travel Tips

Nicer weather is finally here, which means you probably have a case of the travel bug. So, whether you are planning a trip for this spring or for the summer, make sure you help keep your home safe while you are away.

Here are a few tips to practice for your upcoming travels:


1. Avoid Broadcasting your Travel Plans on Social Media

As you prepare to go on a trip, it’s so easy (and tempting) to share your travel plans on social media—like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. After all, you want everyone to partake in your excitement and see pictures of your adventures as they are occurring. The problem with this is that social media status updates can fall into the wrong hands. The last thing you want to happen is to indirectly share that you are out of town and that your home is unattended. Just be cautious!


2. Have Someone Watch Your Home

Do you have nearby family, a trusted neighbor or a friend who can watch your home while you are away? It’s great to have someone stop in and check on things every now and again to make sure everything is running smoothly while you are away. Whatever you do, don’t leave a spare key for them under a mat, vase, or any other exterior location. Take the time to give them the key before your trip—ensuring your house key stays in the right hands.


3. Lock all Doors, Including the Garage

Before going anywhere, it’s a great idea to go around and make sure all windows and doors are locked…including the garage door too. Don’t add any unnecessary risk by keeping your home wide open to intruders. Locking all entry points is an essential part of keeping your home secure.


4. Hold Your Mail and Newspaper

People can pick up on whether someone is home or away based on their mail and newspaper volume. If there is a ton of mail in a mailbox and several newspapers outside the lawn, chances are that the home residents are away. Take the time to hold your mail while you are out of town. Also, if you have a newspaper subscription, you should also contact your newspaper delivery provider and ask them to temporarily delay your newspaper deliveries for your desired length of time.


5. Hide Your Valuables

To help insure the safety of your most prized possession, keep them out of sight. A better suggestion would be to keep these items locked up in a home vault or to take them to your safety deposit box—if you have one already set up at your bank.


6. Set Timers for your Household Lights

Appearances are crucial while you are away. Setting timers for lights to turn on will make it appear like you’ve never left. The last thing you want your house to be is pitch black while your neighbors all have their lights on.


An ADT home monitoring system provides 24/7 protection—whether you are home or away. These systems come equipped with the best equipment and are backed by great customer support. We are here when you need us. Whether it’s a fire, flood, carbon monoxide leak, or a home burglary, we’ll quickly send the right emergency personnel to your home. Every second counts.

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