How Security Systems Increase Home Protection

Countless people decide on getting a home security system to protect both their homes and loved ones safe from a variety of potential threats. Alarm systems are the best line of defense against burglaries, fires, floods and even carbon monoxide poisoning. With that said (and widely known), there are additional ways in which security systems increase home protection. Here are other security factors that you otherwise wouldn’t consider:


Security monitoring companies keep constant watch over your home

Home security systems offer 24/7 monitoring protection, which means your home is always being defended—rain or shine; day or night. It’s a convenience to you that also brings a constant peace of mind.

With ADT home monitoring systems, when your alarm system is armed but suddenly goes off (such as in the instance of a break-in), the signal is sent to one of 6 monitoring centers located throughout the country. At the monitoring center, a highly trained security professional will instantly notify your local police department of the emergency situation, where they will then be dispatched to your home. This all happens with fast response—every second that passes matters. You will also be contacted by ADT monitoring personnel during the emergency situation. This can either be done via phone or over the 2-way voice communication feature on your system’s control panel.


Always stay informed with ADT Pulse’s advanced security features

ADT monitoring is an industry leading security company that is always providing the best security features to homes throughout the world. ADT Pulse, one of the available monitoring packages (which you can upgrade to), enhances how home security is performed with enhanced technology. With it, you can remotely stay in tune with your alarm system from any location using a mobile app that you simply download and use on your smartphone or tablet (will work with both iOS and Android devices). Pulse allows you to remotely arm/disarm the security system as well as access a variety of home control capabilities. Home control functions allow you to remotely lock doors, as well as adjust the thermostat, lights and appliances with the touch of a button.


Security alarms will alert everyone in the nearby vicinity

All monitoring systems by ADT monitoring come equipped with a high decibel alarm system that will sound anytime the alarm system is triggered. This noise, when it goes off, will alert everyone nearby—whether it’s your neighbors or even someone inside the home. So whatever the potential threat may be, someone will be alerted and they will be able to respond to the situation. The alarm siren is the perfect feature in scaring away intruders, preventing them from evening entering.




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