Tips for Apartment Security in a Shared Complex

Apartment complexes seem to be sprouting up left and right in cities across America. Minus retail stores, these complexes are almost becoming cities within themselves with parks, laundry access, gyms, pools, and more. While they may range in design, these newer developments often fall in line with something like this:


Convenience and high-quality living conditions make these complexes a first-choice location for young renters moving to a new city. As you settle in, it’s important to think beyond just the obvious safety measures such as keeping your doors locked and investing in an apartment security system.

1. Don’t keep spare keys anywhere outside your apartment

Even though your apartment is your own space, many people live inside the same building as you do, which means a greater amount of foot traffic in and around your unit. Hidden spare keys are a good thing to have, but keeping them around the entrance of your apartment may not be the best choice.

Consider asking your apartment’s office staff if they can keep a spare key at the desk for you, so you know that it is in a safer location.

2. Park in various locations

While this isn’t something you have to be super proactive about, it can trip up anyone who might be looking for patterns into when you’re home or away. Some people like having their particular parking spot, but this can raise patterns if a potential burglar is looking at your home.

If an apartment complex requires cars to be parked in the same spot at all times, it’s probably not a place you want to be living in. Management companies tend to be stricter about other rules if you see something like this.

3. Avoid the laundry facilities by yourself/late at night

If you are in a complex where laundry facilities are separate from your apartment, consider doing laundry with a trusted friend or just avoid late-night laundry all together. Find a time when foot traffic tends to be heavier so that you know more people are within the vicinity and ready to take action if someone attempts an assault and/or robbery.

4. Be able to verify who is at your door

If someone comes knocking on your door claiming to work for the apartment complex’s maintenance or service department, they should be able to verify their identity through an ID number or something similar. Don’t ever let strangers into your home without knowing exactly who they are. Apartment complexes will have a staff on hand, but it may be hard to recognize all faces.

These measures aren’t meant to scare you as a tenant, but instead, it’s meant to allow you to open up to expanded security measures that you can take. Complex living is generally a friendly and convenient experience, but thinking a little extra about how you can protect yourself will go a long way.



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